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A recipient of the support by HFODT


Vickie and Dan Higgins, the founders of this non-profit.


The opening procession from 2016 Fundraising Event at the American Polish Cultural Center,.


Guardian Angel Service Dogs named this dog after our founder Dan Higgins

Welcome to 2018 Fundraiser

Helping the Support Dogs 2018

Part of 2018 procession for fundraiser

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Our Partners

Major news stations broadcast the story of a five-tour Veteran who emptied a full pack of cigarettes
into a gallon of milk before he could drink it, that he stacked his sweaters in the refrigerator,
and that his wife dared not complain when she came home to find he had moved every piece of furniture away from windows. 

Reintegration to “home” life after deployment is a traumatic challenge for Veterans diagnosed with combat PTSD. 
Drug addiction and divorce rates are epidemic.  The Department of the Veterans Affairs estimates that 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. 
Wounded warriors suffering from PTSD give up driving for fear a millisecond response to a shadow in the road will force them off the highway to avoid the perceived IED. 
Adrenalin dumps into their bloodstream when a stranger on a bicycle approaches from their blind side. 
They fight to control defensive aggression if shoppers in the grocery store press too close.  The return to normalcy is short-circuited. 

Help For Our Disabled Troops (thru Liberties Legacy in Michigan) continues funding efforts to support Guardian Angels,
a charitable group that trains medical service dogs that are paired with qualified Michigan Veterans. 
When the service dogs graduate from a 2 ½ year training program costing upwards of $25,000 they are paired with qualifying veterans
Not a single Veteran who has been paired with a medical service dog has taken his life.  Families have been restored.

  Help For Our Disabled Troops has committed to the training and pairing of service dogs for qualified Michigan Veterans and welcomes your 501 (c )(3 ) tax deductible donation to sustain that effort. 



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