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A recipient of the support by HFODT


Vickie and Dan Higgins, the founders of this non-profit.


The opening procession from 2016 Fundraising Event at the American Polish Cultural Center,.


Guardian Angel Service Dogs named this dog after our founder Dan Higgins

Welcome to 2018 Fundraiser

Helping the Support Dogs 2018

Part of 2018 procession for fundraiser

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About Us

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has sent American Troops into action. Thousands of our brave troops lost their lives or returned home suffering with life altering injuries.

In 2004, a group of volunteers was formed and held a fundraiser to raise money for our wounded veterans that returned home after defending our country.  Our efforts since, have raised over $200,000 in support of this cause.  A majority of our donations went to Homes for Our Troops..

Over the past few years, we became aware that many of veterans with medical disabilities were returning home with little or no support available for them as they adjust back to life. We feel more help is needed for our injured veterans no matter what the medical disability percentage is.

Help for Our Disabled Troops was formed in 2010 to help all veterans with a medical disability. Our charity brings with it many volunteers and expertise. These include local contractors, electricians and the UAW Region 1 Veterans Council. These dedicated professionals assist us in a cost effective project for the injured veteran. The donations will be used to retrofit homes to accommodate wheelchair accessibility, purchase special access computers, security systems, equipment for disabled sports programs and much more. We will continue to support Homes for Our Troops as well.

Our entire team shares one standard view, that our injured veterans must be remembered daily for protecting our freedoms and liberties.  Help for Our Disabled Troops will continue to network with other organizations and remind them of the need for assistance. Everyone can help, including our youth. Won’t you please help us help those who gave so much?

Dan Higgins, President
Help for Our Disabled Troops




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